Whole Dog Journal Tips October 6, 2014

(Remedies for Canine Arthritis tip #2) - Proactive Arthritis Prevention

Recently, Dr. Chris Bessent, a Wisconsin-based veterinarian, advised Whole Dog Journal readers to take a proactive approach to joint maintenance and injury prevention by starting when an athletic dog is one to two years old. This is a far-sighted approach that may not be appreciated by most dog owners, especially when they see the price tag on some glucosamine supplements.

Selling people on preventive maintenance is difficult, unless they have had a dog with a promising competitive career cut short by osteoarthritis. This is the point at which most veterinarians will mention glucosamine to their clients, but much of the damage has already occurred. However, even in late-stage osteoarthritis, the supplement may improve matters enough to make it worthwhile.

For more on your dog's joints, ways to improve their health and prolong an active lifestyle, purchase and download Whole Dog Journal's ebook Remedies for Canine Arthritis.

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