Your Dog’s Best Health


It may not be a conversation, but your dog seems to understand you, and most of the time you understand your dog. So shouldn’t you and your vet be able to easily understand each other?

With “Your Dog’s Best Health” you’ll learn to communicate effectively with your vet, expect more from your visits, and provide your dog with better healthcare.

With her easy-to-read-style, award-winning veterinarian Dr. Nancy Kay illustrates what you have a right to know, what you should expect to hear, and what you should plan to bring — in order to get the most out of each visit with your dog’s doctor.

Of course you go to the vet when your dog is sick, but with “Your Dog’s Best Health” you’ll learn:

– Why to take that “Annual Visit Reminder” seriously

– When a written estimate for services is imperative

– How to have your own research taken seriously

– Which websites to search before your visit

– How and when to best communicate with your vet via email

You’ll even discover the “subtleties” that can speak volumes (for instance, if your vet starts a conversation with “If I were you”, he may not be as interested in your opinion as he should be — a sign of a poor doctor/patient relationship!)

When it comes to your dog’s health your vet needs to be your partner — and with any successful partnership mutual respect is key. “Your Dog’s Best Health” will show you how to forge that partnership. Order your copy today!

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