Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats


Learn how a well-balanced diet along with the right herbs can prevent and treat a wide variety of canine health problems, restoring and rejuvenating your dog’s strength and vitality.

Whole Dog Journal‘s contributor CJ Puotinen’s book Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats is your roadmap to improving your dog’s health and extending his life, naturally. Using old-world, new-age feeding and treatment methods and techniques, you’ll help your dog:

  • Stop the itching
  • Improve his coat
  • Control her weight
  • Eliminate eye discharge
  • Help him sleep better
  • Strengthen her bones
  • Get rid of his bad breath

Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats gives you a step-by-step menu to follow, remedies to apply and recipes to prepare. You’ll learn which supplements are safe to add to your dog’s food and which are dangerous. You’ll be exposed to power of herbs and essences and the proper way to administer them.

Take advantage of the healing powers of a good diet and natural remedies. Treat the underlying condition, not just the symptoms. Get your copy of Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats today.