Modifying Dog Aggression


Does your dog go from a “beauty” to a “beast”?

Growling, lunging, bared-teeth…

It’s hard to understand – your otherwise well-behaved dog loses control at the sight of another dog, the mailman, a child! You’ve tried everything yet this aggressive behavior has you rightfully concerned.

But now, with “Modifying Dog Aggression” you’ll learn why she acts this way, and how to correct this potentially dangerous conduct.

In this fascinating publication from Whole Dog Journal you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your dogs aggression ”triggers”
  • When your dog is reaching his bite threshold
  • Why food plays a critical role in conditioning
  • The difference between calm behavior (good) and “shutting down” (bad)

In addition you’ll discover the merits of Classical Conditioning and Desensitizing vs. the controversial Constructional Aggression Treatment, and which one will be more effective for your dog.

So put a stop to the snarling, barking and snapping, and get peace-of-mind by ordering your copy of this eye-opening downloadable e-book today!