Dog Sports Skills, Book 1


Sounds familiar, right? We hear this all the time from readers all over the place. Your dog listens in familiar environments like home just fine, but the instant you walk out the door–All bets are off!

Don’t worry — it’s completely normal — and completely fix-able! All it takes is some good-old-fashioned relationship building with help from award-winning dog trainer Denise Fenzi.

Canine Sports Skills, Book 1: Developing Engagement & Relationship clearly describes exactly how to get to know your dog, how to adjust your training to meet his specific needs, and how to build a strong bond with him, based on trust and respect of each other.

As you know, canine communication is a complex mix of vocal and body language signals. Dog Sport Skills, Book 1 reveals the communication triggers you should use to build trust with your dog, and what you’re doing that makes it harder for him to trust you.

Dog Sport Skills, Book 1 will help you skip the frustration of dog training and get right to the good part! Order your copy today from The Whole Dog Journal and start putting your dog well on his way to training greatness – 100% force free.

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