Socializing Your Dog or Puppy

Teach Your Dog to “Play-Nice”!

Dogs are natural pack-animals, yet some just don’t seem to want to play with their canine (or human) friends.  Even worse is when a dog’s anti-social behavior leads to biting!  But now, with Whole Dog Journal's downloadable e-book Socializing Your Puppy or Dog: Making a Lifelong Difference, you’ll learn how to train your doggie to “get-along”.

With this important publication from Whole Dog Journal you’ll discover:

  • Which weeks are vital to your dogs socialization skills
  • Your puppy’s odds of getting sick from a training class (you’ll be shocked!)
  •  Where NOT to bring your dog during the socialization process
  • What to look for when choosing a well-socialized puppy
  • How to teach your dog the difference between playful biting and harmful biting

In addition, you’ll become fully-informed about Doggie-Daycare and how to spot the difference between one that will be a rewarding experience for your dog, and one that will be a nightmare.  (For instance, do they assess?  If not, run away!)

So help your dog go from being a shy-guy to a friendly-Fido.  Order this essential downloadable e-book of Socializing Your Dog or Puppy today! 

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