Web Only Article March 1, 2011

The March 2011 issue of Whole Dog Journal is now available online! Here is a brief summary of what you'll find...

Over the past few months Nancy Kerns has read more than 30 books on homemade diets for dogs. Hence the article, A Review of the Best Books on Home-Prepared Dog Food Diets on the Market; is about the cream of the crop: three relatively new books (one is a new edition of an older book) whose authors have taken the time to analyze their recipes to ensure that they meet the latest nutritional guidelines established by the National Research Council (NRC).

Other March features include:

Five Steps to Take if Your Dog’s Food Has Been Recalled - Over the past few years, owners have become uncomfortably aware that their pets’ food can be suddenly declared dangerous, due to contamination of the product or its ingredients or some sort of processing malfunction. What should you do if you learn about a recall of your dog’s food?

Protect Your Dog - It's OK to Disagree with a Dog Trainer or Your Veterinarian - It’s awkward at best, devastating at worst, when your trainer or other animal care professional wants to do – or actually does – something to your dog that goes against your strongly held beliefs about how dogs should be treated.

How to React When a Neighbor Complains About Your Dog - Don't Get Defensive! - The natural thing to do when someone complains about your dog is to get defensive. “My dog? Causing a problem? How dare you?!” Don’t go there. Defensiveness exacerbates hostilities, escalates tension, and encourages your neighbor to make a mountain out of what you perceive to be a molehill.

On-Leash Training Blossoming into Off-Leash Reliability - The transition from on-leash training to off-leash reliability can be a frustrating challenge. “But he knows what ‘come’ means!” a client wails, and points as proof to the fact her dog comes impeccably, every time, when called in the training center, the house, or the backyard.

Canine Orthopedic Equipment Designed for Increased Mobility and Extra Support - Do you have a dog recovering from orthopedic or neurologic surgery, one who has mobility issues, or a senior dog who has arthritis? If so, at some point, you have probably wished you could do something – anything! – to help make your dog’s life (and your own) a little easier.

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