Web Only Article January 25, 2011

The February 2011 issue of Whole Dog Journal is now available online! Here is a brief summary of what you'll find...

Whole Dog Journal's Approved Dry Dog Foods List for 2011 is upon us. Along with the list of this year’s approved dry dog foods we’ll explain on what criteria you should use when selecting a food for your dog. Some of these criteria range from price, ingredients, a manufactures’ past history and the size of the manufacturer. All of the products that made the list have met our selection criteria – including our newest criterion, that the company discloses the name and location of its manufacturers.

Other February features include:

Maintaining Healthy Physical Contact with Your Dog - Have you ever stopped to think about how many times a day you do something to your dog that involves physical contact? We’re talking about grasping his collar, putting his leash on, picking him up, wiping debris from the corners of his eyes and many more day-to-day procedures. Chances are you really only think about it when your dog protests, but chances are he thinks about it every time you reach for him.

Training Police Dogs and Military Dogs Using Positive Methods - Positive reinforcement training has made significant inroads among much of the dog-owning population. The trainers of working police dogs generally feel that their dogs – and their jobs – also require the use of force-based techniques; a majority of law enforcement dog handlers still rely on compulsion. Fortunately, a growing number are beginning to realize that positive reinforcement not only produces reliable dogs, it also decreases dog-handler conflict and creates stronger working relationships.

Holistic Dry Dog Foods That Missed The Mark - The eight products listed in our chart which you will find under Resources for this article are intended to appeal to dog owners who are interested in a “holistic” and/or “healthy” food for their dogs. None contains artificial colors or artificial preservatives. But none can hold a candle to the products on our “approved” foods list. Each misses that mark – some miss by just a bit, and some miss by a country mile.

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