One of the challenges of having a dog with allergies is not being able to talk to him. To find out how he feels and what he needs to feel better. But your dog will tell you things if you know how to read his signals, his body language. The subtle clues revealed in his eyes, coat, appetite and behavior.

Do you know what it means when your dog is constantly itching and scratching, but there isn’t a flea in sight? Most likely he has an allergy.

Whole Dog Journal gives you the tools you need to understand your dog. With our unbiased articles you will just get the facts to help your dog live with allergies naturally.

Understanding Canine Allergies

Over the years I have treated literally thousands of animal patients for allergic problems, using both Western and alternative medicine methods. The more I think I know about allergies, the more I read and learn about them, the more confused I get. Read Article


How to Choose the Right Dog Food

No one is in a better position than you are to decide which food you should feed your dog. That may not be what you wanted to hear. You may have been hoping that someone would reveal to you the name of the world’s healthiest food, so you could just buy that and have it done with. Read Article


Food Elimination Trial: A Valuable Tool (When Done Correctly)

A valid food elimination trial for the purpose of confirming food hypersensitivity consists of three phases: elimination, challenge, and provocation. In the first (elimination) phase, the dog is fed a diet consisting of a single protein source and a single carbohydrate source. Both of these ingredients should be completely “novel” to the dog – foods he’s never eaten before. Read Article