May 2018


How to Teach Your Dog Object Names

Teaching your dog to differentiate between objects is a fun brain game that can be stretched out over days or weeks. He doesnít need to learn it all on the first try! Keep sessions short and fun, making sure your dog gets plenty of reinforcement to keep him interested.

Hemangioma in Dogs

The cause of hemangiomas is idiopathic (unknown). These growths usually donít appear until at least middle age. Thin-skinned, light-colored breeds often experience hemangiomas. Youíll most likely find a hemangioma on the dogís trunk or legs, especially hairless areas like the lower abdomen.

Get Your Dog to Rest After Surgery

When our dogs undergo surgery or suffer an injury, they don't understand that remaining calm and inactive while their bodies heal is necessary to a strong recovery. It's up to us, their guardians, to keep our dogs calm, happy, comfortable - and stimulated - through their recovery period, so that they do not over-exert themselves and create another injury.

How to Cope With Losing a Dog

Itís important to remember that grieving is normal, natural and healthy. Itís okay to cry, scream, yell, get angry, and be depressed and sad, as long as you arenít harming yourself or anyone else. If at any time you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, or feel that you are ďstuckĒ in one of the stages of grief, you can seek help from pet-loss hotlines, grief counselors, and other health professionals who specialize in helping people through the grief process.

Dog Paw Cuts and Scrapes: How to Treat a Paw Injury

Your dogís paw pads act much like the soles of sneakers, protecting your dogís foot and cushioning each step. Paw pads are tough, but they can still be cut by sharp objects or worn off if your dog runs hard on rough terrain. What should you do when your dog cuts or tears a pad?

Shaping Your Dog's "Sit"

Shaping Ė taking a desired behavior, breaking it into small steps, and reinforcing the steps until you build the final behavior Ė has become a standard dog training tool, especially in the force-free world. Those who are familiar with shaping regard it as invaluable for teaching and refining behaviors. If you donít yet have experience with shaping, try this exercise with your dog. It will help you realize how subtly and precisely you can influence the movement of virtually any part of your dogís body.

The Best Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Foods of 2018

Most of the ingredients in freeze-dried diets are raw and/or very lightly processed. All the freeze-dried raw diets we reviewed are grain-free Ė not because we think grains are inappropriate in these foods; itís the food manufacturers who seem to have decided that raw feeders wonít buy a product that contains any grain. Many people who feed home-prepared or commercial raw diets to their dogs when they are home replace this diet with a freeze-dried raw food when they travel, or when the dog is left with a sitter who doesnít want to deal with a fresh or frozen raw diet.

The Mudbuster

Using the Mudbuster tool to clean Woodyís feet has dramatically cut down the number of towels I go through. Instead of needing a separate towel each time I have to clean all four feet (but especially his front/digging feet), I half-fill the Mudbuster with water and dunk each paw into the device a few time. Then I can use the same towel all day to quickly and simply dry his freshly cleaned feet. To finish, just pour out the muddy water and rinse the Mudbuster in the sink. (It can be run through the dishwasher for a more complete cleaning.)

The Marvelous Mutts

At a performance by The Marvelous Mutts, as the name suggests, you wonít see any pedigreed dogs, but you will definitely witness focused owners and competitive dogs! Looking at a photographic gallery of The Marvelous Mutts, one could easily be confused with having found the listing for a rescue promoting their mixed-breed adoption candidates. Instead, itís an inspiring model, both for what rescue dogs can do and what highly motivated dog owners can do for shelter and rescue dogs.

Your Dog's Behavior: When to Manage, When to Train

How do I stop my dog from stealing food? How do I get my dog to stop drinking toilet water? Why does my dog run off all the time? These are just a few of the countless things dogs do that make their guardians run to professional trainers for help. The reality of dog behavior modification is that often the solution to a dog's bad habit is not through training the dog, but through carefully managing every opportunity the dog has to practice unwanted behaviors.

Clicker Training 101

If you use a clicker as your marker, you would create this association initially by clicking the clicker and then immediately feeding the dog a treat. You repeat this a number of times Ė click, treat; click, treat; click, treat Ė until your dogís eyes light up when she hears the click and she looks for the treat. We sometimes refer to this process as ďchargingĒ the clicker; weíve given the click significance, and the dog understands that the click means a reward is coming.

Dogs and Children: How to Keep Them Both Safe

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to improve the odds for safe child-dog interactions, beginning with the dog herself. Ideally, every dog should be well socialized with babies and children from puppyhood. Many young adults adopt a pup at a time when children are, if anything, a distant prospect, without seeming to realize that kids could easily arrive within the 10 to 15 years of their dogís lifespan. Even if there will never be children in the dogís immediate family, chances are she will encounter small humans at some point in her life. By convincing her very early on that children are wonderful, you greatly reduce the risk that she will ever feel compelled to bite one.

Adolescent Dogs: 6 Facts To Know

Itís true that a dog's adolescent period involves a ton of changes to the dogís biological, physical, and psychological makeup. By extension, his behavior is affected. Itís also true that there are times when this transformation is accompanied by some challenging moments. But rest assured itís not all doom and gloom! For every challenging feature of canine adolescence, there is an equally awesome element that makes this a very special time.

Impulse Control Exercises for High-Energy Dogs

I have yet to see a high-arousal nipping, jumping, body-slamming dog who has not been successfully helped by an appropriate combination of exercise and training. In fact, I received an email just today from the owner of the 13-month-old Labrador Retriever that I met with two weeks ago. She was thrilled to report that she has already seen significant improvement in her dogís behavior. Iíll be checking in with the Golden Retriever client soon.

Health Insurance for Dogs in 2018

Deductibles range from $50 to $1,000, with possible custom amounts available (you may have to call and talk with an agent). We were impressed with Embraceís Healthy Pet Deductible strategy, which reduces your deductible by $50 each year you donít have a claim. When you do have a claim, the deductible resets to the original amount.