February 2017


What is Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo?

Shampoos meant for dogs with sensitive skin should contain as few ingredients as possible. A shorter ingredients list means the product has fewer possible ingredients that can potentially cause a reaction. For this reason, hypoallergenic products generally omit some of the ingredients that provide some of the traits many of us are accustomed to having in a shampoo Ė compounds we have come to expect in a shampooing experience, but that are unnecessary and potentially harmful to the truly super-sensitive dog.

Listening to Your Dog's Body Signals

The dog training world has become exponentially more aware of the significance of dog body language communication over the past two decades. We know how critically important it is in keeping dogs and people safe, and in building relationships of mutual trust and respect that result in lifelong bonds between canines and their humans. And yet we still see training and behavior professionals as well as regular dog owners who utterly fail to understand what their dogs are desperately trying to say to them.

How to Give Ear Drops to Dogs

Instead of tending to the bottle only when itís time to apply medicated drops or ear wash, make a point to handle the bottle multiple times per day. Set the drops on the counter and toss your dog several small treats. She might be suspicious and ignore the treats at first. Thatís fine. Act like you didnít notice and busy yourself in the kitchen, ignoring both the medication bottle and your dog.

The 3 Most Common and Preventable Canine Maladies

What is the worst part about these strikingly common conditions dogs get? They are all entirely preventable. Obesity, periodontitis, and overgrown nails affect more dogs in the United States than any other diseases, and can be just as harmful.

5 Professional Dog Training Tips

Yes, raising and training a puppy takes work, but it doesnít need to feel overwhelming Ė at least, not the majority of the time! The more you know, the easier it gets. As I think about my own approach to raising and living with dogs, and that of many of my colleagues, I realize we engage in numerous behaviors that are extraordinarily helpful Ė yet itís often difficult to get the pet owners we work for to try them! Donít resist! The following five tips can help you train like a pro.