Editorial December 2017 Issue

Whole Dog Journal 2017 Editorial Index

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Raising a Well-Adjusted Puppy March  13
Creating a Great Dog Foster Home July 19


Title Issue Page 
Make Vet Visits Less Scary March 3
Wrongful Pet Deaths and Empathy for Your Vet May 10
What is Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo? June 14
Earth-Friendly Dog Poop Disposal July 14
Euthanizing an Old Dog: How it Works and What to Expect August 16
Successful Dog Adoption, Part 1 & Part 2 November 18
Do Electric Shock Collars Harm Dogs? December 10


Title Issue Page 
From Rescued Dogs to Rescuer Dogs November 9


Title Issue Page 
Time Flies January 2
For New Whole Dog Journal Readers: What to Expect February 2
Whole Dog Journal's New Look March 2
A Good Time April 2
While My Dogs Were Away May 2
Reduce Reactivity June 2
A Cautionary Tale July 2
Support Group August 2
Sure to Help September  2
Panacea or Poison? October 2
Switch Your Dog's Food Up November 2
Train Without Pain December 2


Title Issue Page
The Many Causes of Kennel Cough January 3
Raw Honey for Dogs January 14
Disabled Dog Products January 16
Parvovirus in Dogs: What It Is and How to Prevent It February 12
10 Weight Loss Tips for Senior Dogs February 21
Apple Cider Vinegar March 16
Giardiasis and Coccidiosis in Puppies April 11
Prescription Drugs for Dogs' Arthritis Pain April 18
The 3 Most Common and Preventable Canine Maladies May 16
How to Give Ear Drops to Dogs June 6
Bravecto, Nexgard, or Other: Which Oral Flea Control Should You Use? September  3
Over-the-Counter Flea Medicine for Dogs October 22
Laser Treatments for Arthritic Dogs October 12
Fitness for Aging Dogs December 13
Getting Rid of Fleas in the House December 3


Title Issue Page
10 Dry Dog Food Shopping Tips February 3
Puppy Food: Nutritional Guidelines to Maximize Health September  14
The 2017 Best Canned Food Review November 3


Title Issue Page
Best Dog Gear of the Year: 2016 January 6
Disabled Dog Products January 16
The 2017 Best Dog Harnesses Review April 3
2017 Best Dog Cone Alternatives July 3
Super Durable Dog Balls for Fetching and Beyond August 3
Bravecto, Nexgard, or Other: Which Oral Flea Control Should You Use? September  3
Over-the-Counter Flea Medicine for Dogs October 22
Soft-Sided Dog Crates: Best and Worst of 2017 October 5
Dog Collar Types for Safety and Specialty December 6


Title Issue  Page 
Dog Parkour: Canine Urban Athletes March 10
Summer Activities for Your Dog and You June 20


Title Issue Page
Teach Your Dog to Fetch By Training Your Dog to Love Retrieval January 10
Shaping Your Dog's Behavior January 19
How to Teach Your Dog to Trade February 16
Train Your Dog to "Check In" March 7
Why Dogs Bark and How to Stop Them March 18
Loose Leash Walking: Training Your Dog Not to Pull April 8
Stop Urine Marking in the House April 15
The Complete Puppy Socialization Guide May 3
Teaching Your Puppy Bite Inhibition May 6
4 Puppy Biting Survival Strategies May 8
Ways to Stop a Dog from Whining May 11
5 Professional Dog Training Tips May 19
How to Help a Leash-Reactive Dog June 3
Listening to Your Dog's Body Signals June 8
Managing Dog-Aggressive Dogs in the Family July 8
Stop Your Dog's Demanding Behavior August 8
Fulfull Your Dog's Ancestral Calling with Job-Specific Activities August 12
Impulse Control Exercises for High-Energy Dogs September  8
The 3 Reasons Dogs Ignore Our Cues September 16
Put a Stop to Door-Darting Dogs September 20
Great Solutions for Dog Crate Problems October 3
Are Canines Cognitive? October 18
The Puppy Raising Challenge November 14
Feeling Alone in Group Training Class December 18

whole dog journal 2017 editorial index

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