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Consumer Alert

"Collecting Dog Poop for Science," March, 12

"The Boarding Kennel Checklist," May, 10

"How to Furnish a Home for Dogs," November, 8


"Modifying Your Dog's Behavior," January, 2

"A Good Dog in the Making," February, 2

"Favorite Dog Breeds: Everyone Has One," March, 2

"Puppy Training Pros and Cons," April, 2

"Find Activities That Fit Your Dog's Personality," May, 2

"Adopting Two Dogs at Once: Twice as Nice?" June, 2

"Too Hot for Pups to Play," July, 2

"Letting Go of the Dogs We Love," August, 2

"Inside Superzoo 2016," September, 2

"Ask For More From Pet Food Makers," October, 2

"Protect Your Dog with Pumpkin and Peroxide," November, 2

"A Tale of Two Puppies," December, 2


"Using Herbs for Dogs," January, 8

"The Deal with Puppy Shots," January, 11

"The Scooting Dog Decoded," January, 16

"Helping Itchy Dogs," February, 20

"The Importance of Clipping Dogs' Nails," April, 3

"Help Heal Your Dog with Common Herbs," April, 12

"Blood Pressure Tests for Dogs: Worth It?" April, 18

"Raw Dog Food and Salmonella Risks" May, 6

"Cayenne for Dogs," May, 20

"Bloating in Dogs Treatable with Gastropexy," June, 12

"Vitamin D for Dogs," July, 18

"Reduce Your Dog's Cancer Risks," August, 3

"Your Dog's Physical Characteristics (and Why They Matter)," August, 16

"Retained Testicles Can Be Dangerous for Dogs," September, 3

"Your Guide to All Things Dog Vomit," September, 8

"Puppy Vaccines: Why Your Puppy Needs So Many Shots," October, 11

"Identifying Arthritis in Dogs," October, 19

"Herbal Remedies for Your Dog's Arthritis Pain," November, 16

"Treating Your Dog's Hypothyroidism," December, 3

"Exercise Your Senior Dog," December, 8

"Aromatherapy for Your Dog's Arthritis Treatment," December, 12


"2016 Approved Dry Dog Foods: Whole Dog Journal's Annual Ratings," February, 3

"Approved Dry Foods List 2016," February, 8

"Nature’s Variety Dog Food Review," June, 6

"Complete and Balanced Dog Food," June, 11

"Canned Food Review and Approved Canned Foods," October, 5

Product Reviews

"Best Dog Gear of the Year," January, 3

"Best Puppy Collars and Harnesses," January, 15

"Recommended Dog Books," January, 20

"The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds," March, 3

"Must-Have Chew Toys," March, 11

"Best Dog Gear of the Year, Part II," March, 14

"The Best Life Jackets for Dogs: Summer 2016," July, 6

"The Best Dog Treat Bags You Can Buy," August, 6

"A New Great Dog Treat Bag," September, 18

"The 4 Best Winter Dog Boots," November, 3

"Great Dog Gifts 2016," December, 18

Training, Behavior, and Management

"Puppies in Public: Risk Factors" January, 10

"7 Steps to Leash Training Your Puppy," January, 13

"Book Excerpt: Beyond the Back Yard," January, 18

"Could My Dog Be Racist?" February, 12

"What Love Means to Your Dog," February, 14

"It's All in Your Dog's Eyes," February, 16

"Take Control of Puppy Chewing," March, 8

"5 Reasons NOT to Free-Feed Your Dog," March, 16

"Cats and Dogs in One House," March, 20

"Have Fun Training Your Dog New Tricks," April, 6

"Using Walks to Train Your Dog," April, 14

"Living in the City with Dogs," April, 20

"Tips on Stopping a Loose Dog from Approaching You," May, 3

"Prison Dog Training Programs: An Inside Look," May, 15

"Got a Sneaky Dog Stealing Food?" June, 3

"The Unconventional Cues Our Dogs Learn," June, 15

"Become a Dog Sport Champion - at Home!" June, 18

"Postpartum Depression and Its Effect on the Dog," June, 22

"Dog Breed Stereotypes: Inaccurate and Damaging," July, 3

"10 Most Important Puppy Lessons," July, 12

"How Much Training Does Your Dog Really Need?" July, 16

"Fear Aggression in Dogs," August, 11

"Qualified Professionals for Dog Aggression Modification," August, 15

"Advocate for Your Dog," August, 20

"Is Our Dogs' Behavior Genetic?" September, 6

"Why (and How) Dogs Escape Fences," September, 14

"Why We Don't Recommend Electric Fences (Shock Collars)," September, 17

"The Cues Our Dogs Learn All By Themselves," September, 19

"Separation Anxiety in Dogs," October, 14

"Training a Dog to Make Choices," November, 12

"5 Benefits of Trick Training Your Dog," December, 10

"Dog Growling is a Good Thing," December, 14

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