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High Quality Dog Chews - Deer Rack Snack Antler Chews

We’re always looking for items that satisfy our dogs’ need to chew – and that are as safe as possible. The animal hooves that are sold in pet supply stores are often too hard (risking broken teeth); and many rawhide, tendon, and “pizzles” chews present a risk of being swallowed in large enough chunks that bowl obstruction becomes a concern. We’re not fans of any of those green chews, which contain a ton of wheat byproducts.  But antlers have become a recent obsession with our dogs. They are hard, but not quite as hard as cow hooves, and they last a lot longer than any rawhide-type chews. Best of all, they have that animal-product appeal for dogs – and the animals that provided them don’t have to die (deer and elk shed their antlers annually, and they are collected for this purpose). 

Antlers are actually “made” of the same tissue as bone, with a fatty marrow interior.

There are a number of companies selling deer antler chews. We suggest looking for those that are sourced in the U.S., from animals that have been organically raised. Always take away any chew item from your dog when it is chewed down to a size that could be swallowed.
We purchased from Amazon.com, but antler chews can also be purchased directly from the Chasing Our Tails website.

Deer Rack Snack – $9

Chasing Our Tails, Inc.
Hudson, New Hampshire
(866) 967-0152

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