Bravecto, Nexgard, or Other: Which Oral Flea Control Should You Use?
Most dogs who get bitten by a flea will itch. But flea-allergic dogs often itch and scratch and chew on themselves until they create hot spots (acute moist pyotraumatic dermatitis). For these dogs in particular, an oral flea-control medication may make the most sense.

Bravecto, Nexgard, or Other: Which Oral Flea Control Should You Use?

Get updated on the side effects, safety, and methods of the most widely prescribed flea-killing medications for dogs on the market.

For several reasons, veterinarians tend to put the most stock in prescription oral or topical flea medications than any other preventatives. In fact, these are the two most effective solutions for killing fleas – but they aren’t without potential side effects and they should represent only a part of a dog owner’s efforts to control fleas.

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