"I Adopted a Dog. Now What?!"

Once you've adopted your dog and brought him home, it's critical that us humans be mindful of our body language and behavior. What happens during your new dog or puppy's first weeks with you will set the tone for your entire relationship.

I Adopted a Dog. Now What!? spells out exactly what to do (and the actions to avoid) to gain your dog's trust early in the relationship. We explain:

  • Why using a leash early can increase your dog's confidence in you
  • The benefits of taking some "pawternity" leave (we're not kidding!)
  • How to communicate your "house rules" to your new family member

I Adopted a Dog. Now What?! What to do (and Not do!) After Bringing Your Dog Home identifies the things we do to show affection that is actually intimidating and stressful to dogs. Download today to learn what these behaviors are and what to do instead.

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