Understanding an Aggressive Dog

Don’t worry! Aggression is VERY common, and Whole Dog Journal’s new eBook Understanding an Aggressive Dog details strategies and solutions that will help remedy aggressive episodes.

Understanding an Aggressive Dog focuses on your dog’s good traits. Every dog has them. By identifying them, we lay the foundation for strengthening those strengths and bringing out the best in him.

We also understand that aggression is a spectrum, encompassing a wide range of behaviors. Dogs—like humans—have primal “fight-or-flight” instincts, many of which are crucial for successful canine communication.

Just like we do, your dog can act out when in a moment of panic. The only problem is that we sometimes have trouble communicating “it’s ok” to him.

Download your copy of Understanding an Aggressive Dog to immediately build up your dog’s confidence and your ability to understand his emotions.

Wherever your dog falls on the aggression spectrum, you’re sure to find a wealth of valuable information, behavior management techniques, and communication tactics.

Download Understanding an Aggressive Dog now, exclusively from The Whole Dog Journal.

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