Healthy Skin & Coat

Fleas, Ringworm, Food Allergies, Skin Tumors, Mites! These are just a few of the things that can cause your dog to scratch, shed or chew on herself.  Did you know that up to 30% of your dog’s daily protein is used for the renewal of skin and hair, and that these key areas are an excellent indicator of her overall health?  Are you neglecting these vital parts of her body?

With this important publication from Whole Dog Journal you’ll fully understand:

  • Where flea infestation begins (and where the eggs develop)
  • Which vitamin your dog needs to protect her from harmful UV rays (and cancer!)
  • When shampoos, bug killers, and antibiotics might actually be harming your dog
  • Why a certain amount of dirt is good for your dog’s immune system
  • What natural remedies you already have in your home that will keep your dog’s skin healthy (one is in your medicine cabinet and one is growing in your garden!)

Your dog’s skin is the largest organ of her body, and combined with her coat protects her from infections, parasites and the elements.  Give it the attention it deserves and order your downloadable e-book HEALTHY SKIN & COAT today!

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