Canine Sports & Games

A good game of “Fetch” is fine, but is it enough physical and mental stimulation (let alone fun) for your dog? Learn the games your dog really wants to play, and the safest way to play them - with “Canine Sports & Games”!

Through this special offer from The Whole Dog Journal,  “Canine Sports & Games” will teach you the games your dog will most enjoy, how best to play them, and even where to compete:

You’ll Learn:

- Which games are right for which breeds

- What equipment is safest

- How to properly train

- What to do if you want to compete

- How to have the most fun!

Your dog’s health and happiness relies on his physical activity.  From a relaxing trail hike, to swimming in a pool, to pulling a cart,

he needs exercise - and finding the right game for your dog can be vital to his well-being.

And if you want to step up your game, “Canine Sports & Games” will teach you the rules and regulations (and how to find the competitions) on everything from Rally and Disc Dog, to Lure Coursing and Herding, and even Skijoring (dogs do love the snow!)

There are even sections on basic dog-training (get your clicker!) and activities for older or disabled dogs.

Get the most out of your playtime with your dog.  Order your copy of  “Canine Sports & Games” today - while supplies last!