The Other End of the Leash

Subtle movements. Changes in posture. Variations in tone. You may not notice them but your dog certainly does. And these actions all effect your dog’s behavior.

Learn how to communicate with your dog, in his language. The Other End of the Leash is your guide to connecting with your dog in a new, compassionate and intelligent way.

-Do talk “dog” with your body. Human signals may mean different things to your dog.
-Don’t talk to your dog with a thesaurus. Keep your cues simple.
-Do observe how dogs greet each other.
-Don’t “loom large” over your dog when saying hello.

Learn why your cues are falling on deaf ears. Why your dog is running away, jumping up on visitors, barking at the mailman. Then, learn and master the simple changes you can make to connect with your dog.

Let The Other End of the Leash be your translator to a better behaved and trained dog. Buy your copy today!