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Dog Names and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

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Shortly after deciding to keep my first-ever “foster failure” (a dog who was meant to be a foster only, but who found his forever home with me), I asked my husband to take some care with his name; he’s the namer in our family. I’m terrible at naming animals; he’s terrific and funny. But given that this was going to be a dog that we’d have for a long time, not a foster dog just passing through, I had some criteria I wanted him to take into consideration.

Although I would technically have veto power if he came up with a name I hated, he can be quite persistent in calling a dog something he has decided on, despite what the dog’s subsequent owners later decided to name the dog. For example, a couple of years ago, I fostered a short, middle-aged Border Collie-mix who had recently had puppies, and had a rumpled, pudgy appearance. She was surrendered to the shelter where I volunteer as “Mary,” but Brian decided she looked more like a “Brenda,” I have no idea why, and he still calls her Brenda when he sees her, when my friend who adopted her comes to visit. So I really didn’t want him to get attached to a name I didn’t like.

My criteria were these: Nothing scary-sounding or ironic; I wanted something unambiguously friendly and approachable, like the dog I was hoping my puppy would come to be. Because, as the largest puppy in the litter of pit-mixes, he was obviously going to be a big, strong dog, I wanted something non-threatening – not anything like Bane, Thor, Atlas, or Butch. Nor did I want to over-correct with something wimpy, like Angel or Bubbles. I was looking for something nice and neutral.

The night we had the naming discussion, we were looking at the puppy in question, who was lying sprawled at our feet, his brindle coat gleaming. Without even one misstep or “bad” name, after a few moments of contemplation Brian said, “How about Woody? That coat looks like wood grain, like the side of an old Woody station wagon.”

© Sparkerphotos | Dreamstime.com

I loved it immediately, and it was pitch-perfect. It certainly did describe his beautiful wood-grained coat, and it was friendly and approachable, like the cowboy Woody in the Toy Story movies.

Never did I consider the whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing.

Never have I owned a dog so drawn to chewing up wooden things.

Note small chewed place on railing at left in photo. Woody is chewing on dried yak cheese at the moment.

It started with table legs and chair legs, and the corners of tables. That got him put outdoors more often, where he graduated to the corners of our deck and deck railings. That prompted the purchase of a portable kennel, erected in a shady corner of the yard, and outfitted with a nice, new doghouse. Keep in mind he’s not being banished there for any length of time; it’s just a safe place to put him when I go to the store or gym, say, and no one is supervising him. Like an idiot, I didn’t consider the folly of buying that really cute, comfortable wooden doghouse.

What's left of Woody's ever diminishing dog house

His recent fascination: living wood. It started with some scruffy old rosebushes in the front yard. As I watered them, I noticed that some branches had wilted and turned brown. That happens when the stems are chewed through. Whoops.

Please oh no not the rose bushes too.

But then I started noticing green leaves on the lawn under our young apple trees, and, looking more closely, saw that he had apparently jumped up and grabbed the ends of low branches and chewed them. Maybe he saw the little, green, growing apples as balls he could play with, I don’t know. My husband is not that observant, so I neatly clipped the ends of the chewed branches and picked up the leaves and hid them in the yard waste bin. This happened a few times, but I still somehow wasn’t ready for the sight of the bark chewed off the base of the tree. THAT sight made me instantly nauseous. Five years of watering that tree, through a drought, no less. Five years of anticipating our future apple crops, and the tree might not survive its debarking.

The young apple tree after a visit by Woody...

In my defense, I should add that Woody is not, as it sounds, left without supervision all that often; it always happens in a short window of time, when I’m distracted with something else. The other day, I left Woody chewing a giant rawhide on a mat on the deck on the side of the house while I watered shrubbery in the front of the house – which took maybe five minutes. When I came out back to water the garden in the back, I found some chewed-off branches on the tomato plants – and yet Woody was there, lying on his mat on the deck, chewing the rawhide, as if he had been there the whole time (but clearly wasn’t).

I know this is a phase and it will pass, and I’m trying everything I can think of to manage and contain the teething part of adolescence. I run him almost daily. I’ve gone through several large bottles of Bitter Apple. He has a million other things to chew on, things of all types and levels of hardness: rubber, plastic, rawhide, bully sticks, dried yak cheese, for crying out loud! His preference is wood. And I just did not see that coming.

Have you ever named a dog something that turned out to maybe be a mistake?

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From the moment I read *Watchers* by Dean Koontz, I wanted a Golden Retriever named Einstein. So for my 40th birthday, my husband got me a Golden Retriever puppy and I named him Einstein. It was a false prophecy of Biblical proportions. He was adorable and sweet, but not bright in the least and literally afraid of his own shadow. Perhaps I should have gone with "Bozo."

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I rescue Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I had two dogs that came into rescue close together. I named them Lewis and Clark. Clark was adopted by a family who felt like he was destined to be their dog because with the help of their family name his name is now "Clark Gable". His family loves him so he has his own fan club. Lewis is still waiting for a home, but I am sure he also has a special destiny.

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I am following Woody's progress and look forward to your next episode...great writing! Our next to the last adoption was a failed foster attempt. Our hearts were still broken after the loss of our 2 older dogs but we had a great fenced yard we thought we could offer to a homeless pooch until he found his forever home. At the time, we didn't realize that was us. After the ride home in the Jeep and one night on the couch with my husband, the deal was done. This 4 year old flighty yellow lab mix was named Jibby... seriously, Jibby? It was an easy transition for him when we morphed his name to Jimmy. And he has been a wonderful addition ever since.

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Beautiful guy! We had a Gordan Shepherd we named Woody for Woody Guthrie, but his full name was Sweet Woodruff for the herb. I had read that Roman soldiers going into battle put sweet woodruff on their helmets to give them strength. Woody was a terrific guy, but he did chew on every furniture leg and arm in the house.

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Your Woody is stunning!

Posted by: Sallydog | August 13, 2016 11:35 PM    Report this comment

We have two female labs, a chocolate named Jazzmyn, and a black named Hy-Jynx. Jazzmyn is quite the lady and listens really well. High jinks means boisterous fun. Well our little Jynx really does like to have fun. If you tell her to come she runs the other way. She is a thief who steals anything that Jazz has including her rawhide bone often standing there with two bones sticking out of her mouth. I think it is really interesting because I had named the dogs before they were born and got them at eight weeks and was not aware of their personalities. They are from two different litters born three weeks apart. Jynx has been a little stinker from the day we got her. She has been given the same amount of training but just has a mind of her own. I love them both so much......and somehow admire her spunk!!!

Posted by: Phant0000m | August 13, 2016 2:38 PM    Report this comment

Four years go I adopted a 6 month old pup who looked very much like a border collie pup, though her ears were a little weird. I named her Tansy, a lanky wildflower.

Well, Tansy grew up to be a lurcher, a leggy sighthound mix, though I still think probably part border collie or similar breed. She also ended up being quite the wild child. To this day it's hard to keep her pinned down and her enthusiasm and reactivity in check.

It's definitely an apt name for her . . . and I sure hope I didn't contribute to her, um, lack of civility by choosing that name for her.

Posted by: Gentlelake | August 12, 2016 10:03 PM    Report this comment

Well, I have a dog named Cush. And he was just diagnosed with..... can you guess? Cushings.

Posted by: RCook | August 12, 2016 4:28 PM    Report this comment

We had a similar incident with a valencia we had babied. We bought the plastic guards used for weed wacking. We used more than usual one to cover the entire lower trunk with a stretchy bark protector as a second protection under the plastic. It worked well against our pet rabbit who liked fruit tree bark.

Posted by: Furrykids | August 12, 2016 9:51 AM    Report this comment

We named Rosie in honor of Keith's mom who was at the end of her life when we adopted. Also a nod to the city we live, Richmond, and the Rosie the riviters. Unfortunately we soon learned she has terrible audible flatuance that is NOT "Rosie". It is now an ironic joke.
Keith still tells the stories of the family dog Jack who jumped up on everyone, prompting the humans to shout loudly, "Jack Off". To a young boy this was hilarious, and still causes him to snicker.

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re. the tree, the photo doesn't look too fatal. less than 25% width is common on trees but I would recommend getting a sharp knife and carefully tidying up the torn bark to aid healing. If really worried look up bridge grafting (if any branches are left to sacrifice) apple grafts generally take readily.
Not name related but my dog chewed the tops off 2 young banana plants that finally gave up on surviving and pulled up 3 pineapple plants and numerous fig cuttings. Also dug under chicken wire barrier and under the roots of my young avocados which died (yes I know all parts of avocado are toxic but isn't everything) She gave me a black eye and possible broken nose playing with her toy one time when I reached for her toy as she decided it wasn't dead yet. another black eye 6 months later when I picked her up. Dog skulls are hard. I call her my national trasher.

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My two retrievers were 4-legged wood chipping machines. Fortunately they confined their chewing to fallen branches in the yard and never got any splinters (though one got a twig jammed in his palate, which I had to remove). Then they found a branch as big around as my arm. It must have been oak, because after all the bark was removed they could barely put a dent in it, but greatly enjoyed trying. That hunk of wood saw us safely through their adolescence, but sadly was lost when we moved. Have you tried buying one of those wood burl chews for Woody?

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Almost 6 years ago while driving home from the rescue we named our new 1 year old female Border Collie/ACD and 3 1/2 month old male Australian Cattle dog Lark and Termite. They are wonderful and aptly named. The BC/ACD mix is surprisingly mellow and our ACD boy has, in his lifetime, bored through everything that gets in his way. He is much calmer now but I have a feeling he isn't done. We recently added an 8 year old GS/Shar Pei female and named her Jenny. We cheated with her because we got to know her a bit before the name came to us. She is a sweetie.

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Two years ago I was about to get in the car when I saw this brown hairy dog walking on the street. She looked exactly like my baby that passed a year before, it was like recarnation. I named her Cai, which means rejoice in Welch. I did rejoiced when I first saw her. It was a blessing from God.

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I named one dog Loca, because it sounded pretty and so was she. But it also means "crazy" in Spanish. One day while we were building our house, Loca and her two littermates were playing a game of chase around the house site from the upper level to the lower level. Loca decided to take a short cut and leapt off the top of an 11 foot retaining wall. She bumped her chin on a short cement stem wall at the bottom, but was unshaken and continued the chase game after I checked her over. All 3 puppies had run wild in the jungle for a few months before we gave them a home, so there were many antics, but anything truly crazy was always done by Loca.

Posted by: SundogsHawaii | August 12, 2016 2:06 AM    Report this comment

My adopted dog had the name Dora. She was used to that name, but we call her Doris sometimes, sometimes Holz by mistake after a previous dog. She of course is the best dog in the world, ha

Posted by: eljayb@windowslive.com | August 12, 2016 1:51 AM    Report this comment

We named my male samoyed Euclid or Euk for short. Folks asked if it was short for Yukon as we are in Alaska, I tell them "no it is an old eskimo name meaning not a cat., i.e. Euclid earth movers. My wife named her cats after the caterpillar machinery, first one was D8, second one NC after the company that sells caterpillars in Alaska. Our next Samoyed, a female was Allis, after Allis Chalmers.
My son, a computer nut named his border collie Megabyte, meg for short.

Posted by: john deere 60 | August 12, 2016 1:30 AM    Report this comment

My four pound papillon is named Streaking Free Spirit. Originally the streaking was because of his funny looking streaks on his face and he back of his high rise tail! Thornton was just because I knew when I saw him he was a special spirit who would help me cope with the loss of my precious Lady who had recently passed from kidney failure. Well,, he has totally lived up to the entire name he was given. If the the door is open need before he is restrained he is gonna in a flash. He does always come back in but when he feels ready to! Usually after her has watered half of the flower beds! Aye I should rearrange his name to read Free Streaking Spirit! By the way, he really is a very special spirit who has totally won my heart!

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I adopted a black husky/shepherd mix. She was afraid of the world "out there" and would only leave the house willingly in the dark of night. I thought she needed a strong name - the name of some goddess - to give her courage. So I named her Luna - partly because of the reference to the moon (night light), and I got her in June, and the moon is the 'ruler' under the zodiac sign of Cancer (which is June). (I have no strong interest in astrology, by the way.) Luna, after a few years, did live up to her name and became a confident dog goddess. She overcame most of her phobias and fears, and kind of "ruled" the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood as a strong pack leader. She helped many more adopted dogs become confident and well-adjusted. I believe the name had something to do with her rehabilitation.

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Chewing, Oh Yes!! My 2 puppies chewed on almost everything, a very special table leg ,rocking chair rocker, wooden TV tray legs, counter stool legs, tried the base boards and stair carpeting. The carpeting was a different matter. Among their many chew toys, apple bitters, distractions and behavior interventions that I tried, were to no avail. While grocery shopping, I saw a jar of Habanero Peppers, an instant maybe...bought it. I got home, took the opened the jar with paint brush and proceeded to the top of the stairs. I dipped the brush into the jar and began painting the juice around all each hole they had chewed in that carpet and waited. It didn't take long, they both were poised and in position to start chewing. With heads down and mouths open and almost a lick, heads quickly came up with a very surpised look on their sweet little faces as they backed up. Not sure, they went back just to be sure. They were reassured... and chewed only on their toys and played with their squeak balls. That was 7 years ago and puppies will be puppies, my wonderful loving puppies that are truly a joy.... Almost forgot, digging in the flower bed's and getting their white fur the color of dirt,cute losing flowers, a small pine and getting rid of 6 rhododendron's because they thought they should sample the leaves. Know your poisonous plants and the toxic foods your beloved pet can get into, i.e. Chocolate! My little one found an 8 ounce 80% chocolate bar that was in my suitcase. I had been gone for the afternoon, when I came home, I found several brown thick liquid places on the floor and a very shaky dog. I picked him up, his heart rate was very rapid. He was not okay, at the same time I saw the chocolate wrappings and part of that chocolate bar on the floor. I had a dietary scale on the counter, I weighed what was left, he had eaten 2 ounces. I immediately called my vet, told her what had happened. Macy and I where there in minutes.
she saved his life, gave him medicine to make him vomit until nothing was coming up, gavaged his stomach and continued her care and observation, until it was safe to taken him back home for continued observation. I stayed home from work for 3 days to make sure that he got enough liquid to eliminate that liquid as urine. Not getting enough liquid to frequently urinate would allow the toxic part of the chocolate to be reabsorbed into his system. I was so grateful he loved watermelon. It was so frightening and now when I hear "Oh, my dog has eaten chocolate and it never bothered him", I can only repeat what happened and almost cost my Macy his life, by my foolish mistake. I am most grateful for my Vet, Dr Vicky Vosburg, DMV. I know this is long and probably to wordy but it is what I have to say. Thank you

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When I was a kid, my Dad told a made up story of Blac Farmer Brown, his horses Blackie, Brownie and his trust dog, Geophoaerdt (pronounced 'Jefferd'). When we got our first dog, he was a brown round ball of fur snuggled in the corner of a blanketed wicker basket Santa had given our parents. My Dad named him what else? Geophoaerdt

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Our rescue "Lucy" was originally named Lucky Charms after the cereal. She & her litter mates were rescued from a high kill shelter, 10 pups in all left behind a Walmart. After a stint with cancer at 5 months resulting in part of her chin being removed we changed her name to Lucy. Not having a chin has not stopped her from retrieving & yes chewing. Just about anything within reach is fair game. We now call her PIA, pain in the........but, I wouldn't take a million bucks for her as I admire her spunk & tenacity!

Posted by: 1aquagirl | August 11, 2016 6:49 PM    Report this comment

Totally understand what your going through! Our Zeus, (already named when we adopted), was a brindle English mastiff. He chewed his way through adolescence. Any wood he could find! His name turned out to be the complete opposite of his personality. He was a big sweet baby. He loved small animals and would act like their nursemaid. He totally submitted to our 60 lb. female Jindo mix. He loved to sit on my lap, at 190lbs. mind you! And his favorite toy was a fluffy pink purse. He looked as regal as the king of the gods but he was my big baby!

Posted by: Cyn | August 11, 2016 6:41 PM    Report this comment

Within an hour of meeting my foster (failure) dog, a 6-month-old, lanky, brindle, big headed klutz, he became "Galoot". Why, oh why, didn't I go with something like "Steve" or "Norman"?

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My dogs name is Pepper. No she doesn't eat pepper but she eats everything else. When she goes outside she has her nose to the ground, She will chew pieces of wood, rabbit pellets, grass and anything else she finds on the ground. I live in the city but we have a lot of rabbits and deer that get in the yard as well as racoons. I am so afraid that she will eat something that will kill her so I have to watch her whenever she is in the yard. She will be 3 years in Feb and I am hoping she will ssettle down. She never keeps still and hits the ground running. She tries to catch birds, rabbits, squirrles anything that is moving, She tries to climb trees after a squirrel and attemps to climb the wood fence if she sees a bird sitting there. She is the 3rd miniature schnauzer I've had but is nothing like the others. She is just wild. When in the living room with me she is constantly moving= running to the door, jumping up and down off the sofa and chair, going into the bathroom etc, never just lays down. always moving. About to drive me crazy! I really hope she settles down soon.

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I named my first dog Alexander, and second, Lexxie, after the first dog. When I got to dog #3, Alexander-type names were hard to find. I eventually found the name "Paris, or Alexander" in a book on the Trojan war. Named my beautiful boy Paris. Less than two months later, Paris Hilton hit the scene and I have spent the next many years explaining my dog is a male, educating about the Trojan war, and telling Paris it's all okay, that he was played by Orlando Bloom in the movie Troy. :-)

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My rescue greyhound's racing name was Millie the Diva. I decided to stay with the name and she is a Diva. She does exactly what she wants, when she wants. If she comes for a fuss, she puts her font paws on the sofa where I am sitting and puts her long neck up for me to stroke her, showing no sign of enjoying it and then jumping down when she's had enough.

Posted by: Eleni | August 11, 2016 6:08 PM    Report this comment

Watch out for tomato plants - they are, I believe, toxic! As are other things - rhubarb leaves, rhododendrons - lots of stuff! Someone mentioned rope toys. I always had a problem with those because they unravel & the long strands can cause major internal problems. One of my dogs nearly strangled on a large rawhide bone when she unfurled it & decided to try to swallow it whole. Luckily I was there! Wood can cause splinters - in the mouth & gut. I guess nothing is really safe, which really is terrible. :(

Posted by: Havebigdogs | August 11, 2016 6:05 PM    Report this comment

Awwwww I can so relate! My dachshund pup ate my parents newly replaced wooden base boards.
Friends use raw meaty (non weight baring) bones. Try that! I bet the wood doesn't taste so good after those! Good luck!
Ps my now 6 year Dachshund is obsessed with balls!:/

Posted by: Seeley's Mom | August 11, 2016 5:56 PM    Report this comment

PS...I also adopted a rescue dog with the name Angel. I hated it, but she knew her name and I kept it. She was soon nick named Angel Diablo!

Posted by: Traci Simon | August 11, 2016 5:05 PM    Report this comment

Hilarious, thank you for sharing!
I have an adopted brindle as well. Went with a specific wood name Khaya (a type of african mahogany) maybe she will just chew mahogany wood!

Posted by: Traci Simon | August 11, 2016 5:03 PM    Report this comment

Still laughing at Woody. I have a new puppy that I named after the opera character Figaro, (Fig for short). Being a pomeranian I expected barking, he doesn't bark much but this little guy sings, whines, cries and yowls at the smallest things or sometimes I swear just to hear himself.
The last aria was given the other day while I was cooking supper and heard such heart wrenching cries and yowls coming from the living room that I was sure he met with disaster or injury. Nope, his favorite toy just went under the couch. He has turned yowling into an artform, throwing his head back mouth opened wide to get the best sound out.

Posted by: dedeedeee | August 11, 2016 4:17 PM    Report this comment

Both my dogs love to chew on wood - sticks and mulch mainly. But Maizee, who is now 3 years old, turned out to have a fascination for gardening. She would tear branches off plants or dig a plant up, leaving a very neat hole. She was also rarely left in the yard, gets lots of walks and exercise and has other toys. We finely gave up and split the yard in half. The dogs' side, has one pear tree with a small fence around it and the other side is the "pretty" side. She is our fourth Portuguese Water Dog and we've never had that problem with the previous dogs. She's an individual!

Posted by: scoleman | August 11, 2016 4:06 PM    Report this comment

Intersting article. Thanks my pup's name is Ken but I call him 'Cubby' - he's now 3 but chewed the place down since I adopted him from a Rescue at 3mos. Qutie the 'crazy' chewer, nothing stopped it. He ruined everything ! I thought it would Never stop!!! But it has, now he chews only his paws (due to vaccinosis - see dogs4dogs dot come. I began calling him Cubby about 2yrs ago however, he hides under things such as low side tables and other furniture low off the floor. If I attempt to get him out he growls - however, there's always that handy irrestible Buffalo knot chew that he can't resist as a lure. Yes, he's living up to 'Cubby' after reading this perhaps I will go back to calling him Ken?

Posted by: Glory | August 11, 2016 4:06 PM    Report this comment

My English Springer Spaniel came from a litter named for characters in the Carz movie - his assigned moniker? Mater. I had not seen the movie when I got him, but when I watched it, every time Mater was featured I kept saying, "Oh my gosh, that is so totally what my Mater would do!" He's a goofy good ol' boy full of fun, love, and he is a real comedian. I never had a dog who makes me laugh so much!

Posted by: MaterTot | August 11, 2016 3:02 PM    Report this comment


Need I say more?

(Actually, I probably should since he doesn't set anything on fire. But he doesn't stop either!) :)

Posted by: jennifaerie | August 11, 2016 3:00 PM    Report this comment

My husband named our Labradoodle Cheyenne, and wouldn't you know it, despite tons of socialization and countless agility trials, she is a shy dog, my Shy - Anne.

Posted by: Cheyenne's Mom | August 11, 2016 2:58 PM    Report this comment

Dogs are incapable of feeling guilt.

Posted by: Redirect | August 11, 2016 2:41 PM    Report this comment

Buy some cow fibula bones that have been thorougly cleaned and hollow. Pet
Supermarket carries them. They are white and hollow. The 5-6" bones with the smallest holes at each end work best for most size dogs. They can usually retrieve all the stuffing. We soak our dogs' dry food in water in the frig and push the softened food into the bones. Put them in the freezer to freeze. If you have concerns about weight make the bones' amounts part of their meal.
ALL COTTON rope bones may be soaked in veg. or meat broth and allowed to dry. These are great tear apart toys. You may also allow the rope bone to partially dry and freeze it.
Original Kong toys are great filled and frozen too. Get the black one for hard mouthed chewers. One of our dogs doesn't get to have Kongs as she has it in pieces in quick time. Too expensive to replace! Plus, she might swallow a piece.
I knew one dog that could break a hard bone. She cracked it into two large pieces at least. That created sharp pieces, no more bones for her. Most dogs gnaw and lick at the bone and it's contents. The bones wear down ( as well as teeth ), but it is unusual for shards to occur. One of our dogs prop the bone on the floor between her paws and slurp it like a push-up.
All these are excellent redirect items or home alone toys. Dogs need jobs, challenges, if you will.
Using food-stuffed toys can bring up guarding issues. It is natural for a dog to protect his food source. Refer to a trainer that uses positive reinforcement and/or read Jean Donaldson's Culture Clash book. There are many excellent authors/trainers you can refer to for help. Dogs don't know right and wrong. They know safe and dangerous. Learn how they think and learn, you can enjoy wonderful companionship.

Posted by: Redirect | August 11, 2016 2:39 PM    Report this comment

My Gordon Setter's name is Gilty. Need I say more? Limiting his antics to just chewing wood would be fabulous. He's my all-around bad boy!

Posted by: GiftofGalway | August 11, 2016 2:17 PM    Report this comment

Not really a mistake, but after I named my dog Arlo (hoping it was a bit unusual), Disney/Pixar started advertising a movie with a dinosaur of the same name. I keep expecting a legion of dogs named Arlo now. I've been lucky that his chewing was not bad since Bitter Apple did not deter him a bit.

Posted by: Alice R. | August 11, 2016 2:00 PM    Report this comment

I was always worried about splinters from wood chewing.

Posted by: MorgansMom | August 11, 2016 1:59 PM    Report this comment

Our dachshund, Captain Morgan, went through a wood chewing phase as a pup. No matter what kind of chew toys I provided, he preferred to chew on baseboard moldings, corners of furniture, and the edge of our wooden stairs. I spread mentholatum on the corners of a lot of things and that seemed to deter him until the smell abated. He eventually outgrew it but we had to do a lot of touch up painting and repairs. I also relate to the naming issue. This is our third dachshund and we had this liquor thing going on. (Having had Schnapps, Brandy and Johnny Walker (aka Walker). But I always wanted to call this one Cap or Cappy and my husband stuck with Morgan so, his name is Morgan.

Posted by: MorgansMom | August 11, 2016 1:57 PM    Report this comment

My heart dog (RIP 2010) was "Pengryf" which is Welsh for stubborn or headstrong. What an incredibly stupid thing to name what grew into a 70# APBT.

The one now is named "Friend" (in Welsh).

Posted by: Kitti | August 11, 2016 1:47 PM    Report this comment

My Keeshond was named Knyles but when he was young I called him "Sir Barkalot" which was very fitting.

Posted by: Knyles | August 11, 2016 1:44 PM    Report this comment

Rose is an American Bull Dog, Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. At 6 years she still has a definite thing for recreationally chewing wood.

I keep chunks of 2x4 or 2x2 for her. We also pile fallen or trimmed branches in a "to be burned" pile. When ever she gets the urge to chew something made of wood there are plenty of wooden legal things around.

I never tried to get her to stop chewing wood. (seemed like an exercise in futility) Just taught her what wooden things were aloud.

Posted by: Kate-S | August 11, 2016 1:09 PM    Report this comment

Chewing is not a problem for our Essence. she is our 1yr old Akita who likes to dig in the backyard.any suggestions for stopping digging? the 3yr old, 2yr old and 6month old Akita's just watch her dig, we thought it was because the puppy came along and at first she was the baby, so she is acting out, but she gets the same special treatment as he does....so whats up with this behavior, the 2yr old and 6mo old are males....

Posted by: tanya/Akitalover | August 11, 2016 1:07 PM    Report this comment

Three of my four Australian Shepherds retained their original call names from their breeders, with only slight variations. "Spook" became Spooky, with his registered name including "A Bump In The Night,", because that's what my 3 year old son decided to call him on the way home from the breeder. "Magic" stayed "Magic," but the original "Black Magic Woman" got changed to "Superstition," when I discovered there were over 90 other dogs in the data base with "Black Magic" or "Black Magic Woman;" the change was acceptable because Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" also fit the litter theme. Our newest family member came from a litter named the Marvel SuperHeroes/Avengers litter - our pup originally was dubbed Spidey by the resident 4 yr old and Kindergarden students in the breeder's home, but I've wanted a red pup named Loki for more than a decade; he now carries both kennel names and "Maker of Mischief," which so far fits his 14 week old personality. The only pup who didn't keep his original name, went from "Hanson" (after the boy band) to "Gromit" (after the brilliant Ardman Animations canine who attended Dogwarts, reads Pluto, and helps his inventor buddy Wallace with some cracking contraptions).

Magic, by the way, is an AWFUL call name! In training, if I'm irritated, it comes out sounding like a Gestapo order, all harsh and clipped. Both Spooky and Loki, have that fun "eeeee" sound at the end, which is really hard to make sound grumpy. Magic's earned a second call name of "Boo," which originally belonged to old Spooky - and there is no way to say THAT one with a frown on the face.

Posted by: ardea | August 11, 2016 1:01 PM    Report this comment

LOL You have your Woody, and I have a Bart. My husband is usually the namer in our house also, and he happens to be a Simpson's fan. Okay, well he let me rescue the brother and sister Redbone/Beagle mix pups from a bad situation without too much hassle. The least I can do is let him name them, right? Well Bart has turned out to be just like his namesake on the Simpsons. He is a hellion with no respect for others and a complete disregard for the rules of the house. He is the only dog I've ever had that regularly poops in his outdoor kennel when I'm not home. He is messy, very noisy, a killer of all creatures smaller then him that enter his yard, and a total troublemaker. But we love him very much just the same. Maggie is a sweetheart.

So what did we name our latest rescue - Calamity. Don't even ask. She is everything you can imagine and more. She is the namesake that keeps on giving.

So what will we name the next rescue? Peace or Zen or Flower or Happy - anything that does not spell crazy! Rescue On.

Posted by: BrownBadger | August 11, 2016 12:50 PM    Report this comment

Fabric Febreeze-not air freshener

Posted by: Furney | August 11, 2016 12:41 PM    Report this comment

My Cool Hand Luke went through a failure to communicate regarding the purpose of our fence. Fortunately, we are over it.

Posted by: JackieD | August 11, 2016 12:40 PM    Report this comment

No idea why, but we have had excellent results to deter and eventually stop, various forms of recreational chewing in our multi-dog household. Suggest you try the fabric Febreeze-not the air freshener-the one that's liquid and is designed to use on cloth. It's available in large jugs (Costco) to refill your initial sprayer...also works a gem to deter marking. I've got two'three jugs always handy to immediately spritz (claim??)any potential items of interest.

Posted by: Furney | August 11, 2016 12:40 PM    Report this comment

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