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Positive dog training techniques. From puppy training concepts like crate training, sit and walking on a leash to fixing bad habits like barking at the doorbell, jumping up and chewing. Dog tricks, sports, games and agility training too.

Have Fun Training Your Dog New Tricks!

Have Fun Training Your Dog New Tricks!

How to hone your training skills, improve your relationship with your dog, and have fun!

One of the many things I love about today’s dog training world is that now, thanks to our culture’s paradigm shift toward positive reinforcement-based training, a lot more people are having fun teaching their dogs to do tricks. Once a mere afterthought in training, fun is now taking center stage as more trainers offer classes in “just” tricks, and encourage their clients to get creative with the behaviors they teach their dogs. In fact, there are even canine titles to be earned in tricks!

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