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Canned Food Review 2014
None of the foods in the bottom row meet our criteria for a top-quality canned dog food; all of the product on the top row are premium-quality products. You are the only person who can say which is best for your dog, however!

Canned Food Review 2014

Heres what to look for and what to look out for but you have to pick which is best for your dog.

How do you choose a canned food for your dog? It probably depends on why you want to feed him a wet food – and it may even depend on how big he is or how old he is. Are you trying to build or rebuild a dog’s health or help a starved dog gain weight? Tempt the appetite of a sick, depressed, (or just fussy) dog? Prevent further health problems in a dog with diabetes or kidney disease? Does your dog weight two pounds, 20 pounds, or 120 pounds? Is she two months old, two years old, or 20 years old? The answers you give will undoubtedly affect your choice, because top-quality canned dog food is extremely expensive.

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