Walking Your Dog


Walking your dog should be a joy!  But when it's a non-stop episode of him yanking until your arms ache, crossing back and forth in front of you until you’re stumbling over his leash, or having him bolt like a runaway train after a squirrel – well fun it’s not!

Now, with Whole Dog Journal’s WALKING YOUR DOG, you’ll learn the training techniques and tips to make dog walking pleasurable for you and your dog, including:

- Correct “heel” position - and how to make it fun for your dog
- How to handle a “yanker” (and why pulling back is the worst thing to do!)
- What to do when your dog gets over-excited
- Why and when “go sniff” will improve good walking behavior

With this photo-illustrated downloadable ebook you’ll also learn target-training methods (yes, it’s easy to teach your dog to close the door or bring you the remote!), the pros and cons of different leashes and collars (a head halter may actually be an impediment to training), and why you may want to exercise your dog before you walk him.

Walking your dog is more than just letting him “do his business” – it's also a great time for socializing, bonding, and training.  So make the most of it by downloading this special ebook today!

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